Washing Machine Deep Cleaner tablet ( Pack Of 12 Pcs )


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  • 1. Fill the washing machine tank with water to a high level.
  • 2. Put 1-3 tablets in the washing machine drum filled with water, start the washing machine for 5 minutes to make the product fully dissolved. (When the dirt is serious, use 40-60 degrees warm water to stimulate the active oxygen, the decontamination performance is better).
  • 3. Turn off the power and soak for 2-3 hours to make the product fully penetrate to achieve the best decontamination effect.
  • 4. After the soaking is completed, start the “washing-rinsing-dehydration”washing process, and run the washing machine once to remove the dirt. If there is more dirt, repeat step 4, then wipe off the dirt attached to the inner cylinder with burlap.
  • 5. The first use of washing machine tank cleaning agent is recommended to use 6-8 capsules at a time. Daily cleaning is recommended to use 1-2 capsules at a time, regularly use this product every 2 months.


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